Airing Tuesdays on Discovery 10 PM ET/PT

Jonah White, the founder of Billy Bob Teeth in Hardin, Illinois and CEO of a multi-million dollar gag-gift empire, is in search of new products for his redneck-approved Billy Bob line.

After taking the Halloween and costume industries by storm and building an empire based on his own invention of fake redneck buck teeth, Jonah has accomplished the America dream and created a booming business with over 300 products sold throughout the world, including over 20 million Billy Bob Teeth. Now, inventors from all over are coming to Billy Bob World to pitch Jonah their own OUTRAGEOUS ideas for a piece of the pie. Find out what it takes to go from pitch to rich in Discovery Channel’s new six-part series BILLY BOB’S GAGS TO RICHES premiering tonight, November 4 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Jonah, a self-made businessman who created his own wealth based on hard work, family values and a funny idea, continues to live out his dreams in the same small, close-knit town that he grew up in. Now, with a family of his own, a sprawling log cabin-style mansion, hundreds of exotic animals, and zip lines crisscrossing his property, Jonah seeks to strike a balance between the indulgent lifestyle he can now afford, while raising his family with the same values that were instilled in him during his childhood.

Jonah is always on the lookout for the next big, million dollar idea, but he doesn’t do it alone; he utilizes his ‘Redneck Think Tank’ to test, develop and come up with new products. From cowboy sandals, pumpkin teeth and road kill car decals, Jonah is constantly taking pitches from hopeful inventors who are trying to cash in on their own crazy ideas. The negotiations can get intense, and in the end, Jonah could make some lucky inventors rich – or send them right back to the drawing board.

BILLY BOB’S GAGS TO RICHES is produced for Discovery Channel by Asylum Entertainment. For Asylum Entertainment, executive producers are Steve Michaels, Jonathan Koch, Carl Johnson and James Gutierrez. For Discovery Channel, David Pritikin is executive producer.