‘Nate & Jeremiah By Design’ To Crossover With TLC’s ‘Trading Spaces’

Fans of TLC’s Nate & Jeremiah By Design not only have Season 2 to look forward to, but they’ll also see the duo as guest designers on TLC’s most-famed design show, Trading Spaces, it was announced at TCA on Friday.

As for the second season, interior design supercouple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent will continue to bring tasteful–and usually dramatic–changes to homes in need, with the help of their now two and-a-half year old daughter Poppy, who already has her own design opinions.

“I’ve done everything I can to not introduce pink into our home, and it’s everywhere,” Brent said. “If it’s plastic and flammable she’s really into it.”

The families who will benefit from the couple’s expert design advice are, as always, thoughtfully selected. “Going into the second season of the show has been super educational,” Berkus said. “What we set out to do with Nate & Jeremiah By Design was to tell the story of the families.” He went on, “It wasn’t really that difficult to cast the show per se. We were looking for money pits, we were looking for people who were upset and overwhelmed by things they think they can’t do and they can’t have.”

Brent said the experience had been “really humbling,” saying the show was an “opportunity to connect with families, our own family being different than most.”

As for taking your husband to work, Brent and Berkus agree it’s not always easy, but they enjoy the experience. “Life is really rough when we disagree, but we have an enormous amount of respect for each other,” Berkus said, “You have to really like the person you’re married to, to work with them all day and then go home to a two year-old together and then get up and do it all again.”

Brent said the love between the couple was what kept the wheels successfully turning. “I’m obsessed with him, I love him madly,” he said, “and there isn’t a day that we’re not incredibly grateful for the opportunity we have to share our story other people’s story on television in this way. The stakes are high everybody gets stressed out,” he added, “but the perspective is there.”

Season 2 of Nate & Jeremiah By Design premieres at 10 PM/9C on Saturday, April 7.

Source: Deadline